Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Our Stand in Gossau

It is wednesday, and the fair ended on needless to say, if it would have been a success, I would have posted about it right away, right? Right. It was a total and utter failiure/disaster, loss of money, bruising of ego, madening, waste of time EVER!

Let me run you through it : my friend and I decided since we make cute things, I bake, she sews, we could take the opportunity to sell our things at our village fair. Let me point out, we do live in a village, but our village is 20 minutes away from the richest, biggest town in Switzerland. We don't live in some backward hole...or so I thought (but that could just be the bitterness talking). So we planned and planned and once it was time, I went out and bought my supplies. Then I baked and decorated, for a week. Yes, a week.

200 cakepops, all in the colours my friend's cute sewn elephants were, pink, blue and white, not all the same, some with sugars, others with sprinkles or plain, or shiny, etc...

Almost 40 decorated cookies (Cupcakes and Elephants being our theme), all of them decorated individually...

About 200 yummy chocolate chip/black and white cookies, which we stuffed our faces with...

About 120 Chocolate cupcakes, decorated with either chocolate cream cheese frosting or meringue buttercream. With quite a few differents looks.

Same thing for vanilla except I got 150 out of the 2 recipes...

The same pretty colours as the cakepops and the decorated cookies.

Our beautiful stand, or so we thought...

The cupcakes melted, so we just left the chocolate ones and hoped that people would still ask what we have...

A bit closer...
I sold almost all the decorated cookies, about 3 cakepops, 10 cupcakes and 10 yummy cookies. I am not joking. I would like to thank the few friends that came by and actually bought something, without you, well I don't really know...
Gossau, zh was not ready for our beautiful stand. Either they were insulted there was something so American looking at their local market, or it was too warm to grab a cupcake, or they have no sense of esthetics, we couldn't figure it out. Again, I am bitter while writing this...but one thing is for sure, I love creating these lovely dessert tables and it won't be the last time I do... but certainly the last time for a market!
The good thing : my friend and I got to talk about all the girl stuff we could possibly talk about, think about, get red about, and because of that, this total catastrophy is almost entirely forgotten. Now if I could just win the lottery to replace the money I lost, everything would be right with the world again... next post will be about what I love best, cookies!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

That Baking Girl-Gossau zh 16-17.6!!!!!


Kommt vorbei Leute, in Gossau zh, Nachmittag und Abend! Ihr könnt cupcakes, cake pops, yummy cookies und verzierte cookies kaufen und probieren! Und dieser Beispiel von Torten Figuren auch anschauen! Ich freue mich auf jeder, und hoffe dass ihr ganz grossen Interesse habt und mit vielen Fragen vorbeikommen!!!

Hey people, I will be selling some cupcakes, cakepops, yummy cookies and decorated cookies at the Gossau Chilbi next weekend (15-17th june). Please stop by, try out some things, check out this cake topper example and ask as many questions as possible! I really hope loads will pass by!!

Thank you!!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Impromptu family portrait on cookie

So by now, you may know, everything can be done on cookie. I am not saying I can do everything yet, but I have certainly seen loads of possibilities till now. And some cookies are not planned at all...

Take these, I wanted to recreate a little book that we got for Lily, with animals and lovely colours. But when I outlined this cookie, I felt, it looked too much like a frame, it had to become family portraits.

I wanted to keep fun vibrant colours though, as I didn't plan to create something life-like...I wanted what I like best... cartoony.

Then I remembered, about 8 years ago, my friend Nancy brought me to a ceramics café, you know, the one where you have premade shapes and designs to choose from, and then you try to be as creative as possible? Well, if I recall correctly, we were there at least 5 hours, talked like crazy and I made this :

I decided I liked that look best and redrew it on paper and then on cookie!

These I drew myself, with the same look as the cats, I didn't want 2 different types of drawings, and well, this is about as well as I can draw anyways, so my husband, my baby, and me, with very generous lips...!! (If I can't improve on reality, at least on cookie!)

Finally, I had some tiny frame holders (I don't remember the real word for those) and thought they would look really cute for pictures of these, I think I was right...!
My little happy Family:

Hope you like them!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Time for a few cupcakes...

I have been neglecting a good friend lately...actually two, but this is the better of both, the cupcake. The other, the cakepop, well, it's not always a GOOD friend, so I don't feel quite so bad. But, would I have believed you only a few short months ago when you would have said, Heidi, you will be flipping for cookies? I don't know, I don't think so...I mean they take so long, and most people don't actually eat them, but they are just soooo much more individual, you can put almost anything on a cookie...STOP! This post is about cupcakes!
Ok, let's get on to the subject. My good friend asked me 2-3 days ago if it was too late to make cupcakes for today. And because I can't say no, and well, now I am officially allowed to bake and sell from my home, I said yes, of course. She thought about the concept, and asked me to basically make something cute, sent me a few links and decided on the chocolate ganache topping, and blue. Because I find at least 3 colours more fun, I decided to go for the yellow as well, and then I thought, well one has to have those colours in sprinkles, but the topping has to be white. That is how I ended up with 4 colours. By the way, for future reference, I would not be putting that much effort in the colour scheme for someone I don't know paying me the regular price! Mixing colours takes forever! And well, the yellow didn't quite come out as I wanted, but you know, I am a slight colour perfectionist.

Can anyone see that I also handpainted the butterflies in blue and yellow? I didn't take a good enoough picture of that...

Ok, well this was a nice little project, but now people, back to cookies!!!