Friday, June 8, 2012

Impromptu family portrait on cookie

So by now, you may know, everything can be done on cookie. I am not saying I can do everything yet, but I have certainly seen loads of possibilities till now. And some cookies are not planned at all...

Take these, I wanted to recreate a little book that we got for Lily, with animals and lovely colours. But when I outlined this cookie, I felt, it looked too much like a frame, it had to become family portraits.

I wanted to keep fun vibrant colours though, as I didn't plan to create something life-like...I wanted what I like best... cartoony.

Then I remembered, about 8 years ago, my friend Nancy brought me to a ceramics café, you know, the one where you have premade shapes and designs to choose from, and then you try to be as creative as possible? Well, if I recall correctly, we were there at least 5 hours, talked like crazy and I made this :

I decided I liked that look best and redrew it on paper and then on cookie!

These I drew myself, with the same look as the cats, I didn't want 2 different types of drawings, and well, this is about as well as I can draw anyways, so my husband, my baby, and me, with very generous lips...!! (If I can't improve on reality, at least on cookie!)

Finally, I had some tiny frame holders (I don't remember the real word for those) and thought they would look really cute for pictures of these, I think I was right...!
My little happy Family:

Hope you like them!

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