Friday, July 13, 2012

Some catching up...

Hello everyone!

Now I am not sure how many of you actually read this blog regularly, but I haven't been on top of things at all, and I am sorry...I guess I let my failiure at the market get the better of me and stopped writing...I don't know. But, after about a week, I started to bake and decorate again, so not all is lost! I will keep the writing part short because really, there are so many pictures. I hope you guys like them!

These 2 first sets above and below are designs from my favorite artist ever! Elisabeth Enos from tinyapron (on don't ask me to link, it never works on my blog!!) I love these. The little girl, the cloud...they made me feel happy when I wasn't happy anymore...and under, painted cookies, these are my favorite up to now, they came out beautifully!

Here I wanted to make a nice personal gift for my cousin's wedding, my first cookie puzzle and using a stick figure look which I love and it is inspired by my favoite cookie artist Jill FCS. Her's are definitely better, but for my first try, I thought this wasn't so bad...I packed it badly though, didn't make the transport, so I sent him a picture of it over facebook, and he never answered. I don't know if he ever saw it, or cares.

These, I love, I don't know, I have had a mustache obsession for awhile now-but only on cute things like cookies or pillows, not on men, ugh. Anyway, a cookier friend of mine from Colorade Springs asked if some of us were willing to make cookies for the firefighters over there that have been working very hard saving everything basically, and I felt I needed to make manly cookies. So what is manlier than a mustache, with a mustache? And I have wanted to make talking bubbles for awhile too, and these worked out well, I cut an oval and a triangle and used the tip of it and stuck it to the oval! Quick and perfect!! I like these quite a bit...

Next came this batch of very easy cookies for a cookie decorating class I taught just about a week ago... I like the teeth the most-I think the idea of giving a face to something that isn't cute at all, thus rendering it cute, is the thing cookies does best!

Also for the course-Sweetopia's own cookies cookies inspired the look obviously, I only copied it with my own colours to show everything that can be done easily with cookies...

(And while I was at it, I decided that if I was about to teach a class, I needed to make sure I really knew what I was talking about and made another sweetopia design...they worked-only my 3rd try-ahem!)

More cookies for the cookie class, I really wanted to show a few possibilities!

This one I love, my first really difficult painted design, the first time I used the proper method, design was from an old embroidery book, and I found this picture on someone's blog...I love it. My cat loved it too, I found it all washed out one morning, he had licked it clean...(by the way, when I produce for real, the kitchen is sealed off, no cats in there to go destroy cookies!!!!!)

Julia Usher and My little Bakery inspired piping. I think I will leave this to the experts in the future. This is tedious work and not my type of cookie look, but if someone wants something like this for a wedding or whatever, I know I can do it. Still, what would you guys charge for cookies that take about a half hour to make-and this one was fairly simple...

I have wanted to try paisley for awhile now too so I looked for some designs on the internet, and took the best kopykake by the way, I am just getting better at piping on my own...

My favorite and no bleeding from black into yellow!!!

I made cupcakes yesterday to test some sprinkles from who's owner Lynn was nice enough to send me samples of. They have beautiful shimmering colours and I can't wait to buy them!!

A few instagrams...this was actually my first piping try out insprired by Julia Usher and My Little Bakery designs...

Last but not least, my cookie class, wow, the cleaning at the end...but it was worth it! And in august, there will be a cakepop class!

So that's what I have been up week I will be starting a party design, cookies, cakepops, cupcakes, and, yes, a cake, we'll see how that works out, for a lovely lady who is having a birthday party and everything will fit the invitations! I can't wait to see how everything turns out! Wish me luck, hope you enjoy the pictures!!


  1. Und ich bin dabei, bei deiner Cakeops Klasse....... jupiii!
    Lg, Gaby

  2. I just love your puzzle cookie! Oh so cute! I will have to try one. ;)